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Calypso Shrimp

Prepare Bean Salsa; set aside. Mix remaining ingredients except shrimp in medium bowl. Stir in shrimp. Spray 10-inch nonstick skillet with nonstick cooking spray; heat over medium-high heat. Cook shrimp mixture in skillet, turning shrimp once, until pink. Divide salsa among 4 serv

Japanese Tea Ice Cream

1.Beat egg yolks with sugar and soy sauce in a bowl. 2.Scald the cream; take off heat and stir in the cold tea. Add egg mixture and cook over very low heat, stirring constantly until mixture thickens. 3.Either sieve the mixture, or put in blender, then freeze it. Stir

Blackberry Jam Cake

Mix ingredients as listed above. Bake in greased tube pan at 325 degrees F for one hour.

Banana Cream Brownie Squares

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Chop peanuts. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions, stir in 1/2 cup of the peanuts. Pour into a 9 x 9-inch baking dish. Bake according to package directions. Cool completely. Slice 2 bananas; place in single layer over brownie.<

Nightcap Coffee Mix

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl; stir until well blended. Store in airtight container. Yields 1 1/3 cups coffee mix To serve: spoon 1 heaping tablespoon coffee mix into 8 ounces hot water. stir until well blended.

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Line an 8 x 8 pan with foil. In a microwave-proof bowl, combine milk and chocolate. Microwave on high in 30 second intervals for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes OR until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth when stirred. Add almonds, cherries, and extract. Spread into pan. Chill. Cut into 1 inch square

Garlic Greens Pesto

Put all ingredients in a food processor, and blend until smooth. Use on pasta, rice, as a dip, or spread on vegan crackers or vegan bread. Note: Garlic greens are in season (at least in the northeast U.S.) during late spring. They look a lot like scallio

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Bill Clinton s Chicken Enchiladas

Preheat 2 Tbsp oil in skillet. Remove seeds from chilies. Chop chilies, then saute with minced garlic in oil. Drain and break up tomatoes. Reserve 1/2 cup liquid. Add tomatoes,1 tsp salt, oregano and reserved tomato liquid. Simmer, uncovered until thick, about 30 minutes. Re

Elegant Chicken Salad

Poach chicken in broth or water for about 20 minutes. In salad bowl combine vinegar, juice, and mustard. Gradually whisk in oil. Stir in chives and tarragon and season with salt and pepper. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces. Add chicken and rice to dressing. Toss well. br

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Sweet Sour Chicken

CROCKPOT: Put bottom of crockpot. Sprinkle tapioca over vegetables. Place chicken atop vegs. Combine all other ingreds. except rice in a small bowl. Pour over chicken. Cover crockpot and turn to low and cook for 8 10 hours. Before serving make rice. Serve over rice.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Supreme

Combine crumbs and magarine; press onto bottom of 9 inch springform pan. Bake at 350 degrees F., 10 minutes. Combine cream cheese, sugar and flour, mixing at medium speed on electric mixer until well blended. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Blend in

Tofu Egg Salad

Place tofu in a bowl and mash with a potato masher. Add mayonnaise, if desired, mustard, soy sauce and tumeric. Mix well until tofu takes on a bright yellow color. Stir in scallion, celery and relish, if desire. Serve as a spread on bread or stuffed into pita bread. NOTE

Egg Substitute Poss Dup

Substitute 1 t cornstarch for each omitted egg, adding 3 T water for each t cornstarch. This was tried on several different brands of cake mix including one which called for 3 eggs. There was a slight change of texture, depending on the brand used. (One was slightly dry

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Lucknawi Dal

Wash lentils & boil in water with salt, turmeric & tamarind over medium heat for 20 minutes. Heat oil in a small pot. Add cumin seeds & fry for a minute. Stir in onion, garlic & ginger & fry till onion is browned & soft. Add chili & stir fro 30 second

Citrus Collins

Fill a 10 12 oz. glass with all ingredients. Fill remainder with club soda. Garnish with an orange slice or a cherry.     strongServings:1/strong  

Macedoine Of Fresh Fruit

Mix the orange juice and rum in a mixing bowl. Prick fruit to allow the marinade to soak for several hours. Stir the fruit marinade frequently. Add raspberries and walnuts just before serving. Sprinkle each layer with powdered sugar and serve very cold over ice cream or cake. F

Chocolate Mousse Pie 1

CRUST: Add butter to crumbs just until it will hold its shape when pressed into a pan. I m sorry but I ve never bothered to measure the butter! MOUSSE: Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks forms. Set aside. Heat the cream and butter in a heavy saucepan or

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Brussels Waffles

These waffles are a crisp type and are often served for dessert topped with sweetened whipped cream and strawberries. They became famous at the Belgian pavilion at the 1962 New York World s Fair. Mix flour and salt. Add remaining ingredients. Beat just until smooth. Let bat

Beef Pepper Mushroom Kabobs

: 1 lb boneless beef top sirloin : steak, cut 1 1/4" thick (or : boneless chicken : cubes or boneless pork : cubes) : 1 md Green, red or yellow bell : pepper, cut into 1 1/4" : pieces : 2 tb Olive oil : 1 tb Lemon juice : 1 t


Use cooked beans, or cook one cup of dry kidneys (or pintos) beans in 3 cups of water in a pressure cooker. Add a bay leaf or two, some chili powder, cumin, a chopped onion, and perhaps a green pepper to the water. Clean the dry beans and cook about 30 40 minutes in a pressure c

Boston Chicken Marinade Basting Sauce

Mix all ingredients well and apply to skin side up chicken in a single layer in greased baking dish or pan. Bake at 400~ 35 40 minutes. Baste every 8 10 minutes during the baking time. Source: Gloria Pitzer Recipe By :     strongServings:1/

Vegetables Chili

* use crushed tomatoes with added puree. Cook and stir garlic, peppers, mushrooms and onions in oil 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, chili powder and cumin. Heat to a boil. Reduce heat to low, add beans, zucchini, and corn. Simmer 15 minutes

Fresh Mushroom Soup

In sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat. Add mushrooms. onion, and vegetable seasoning. Cook about 5 minutes. Combine arrowroot in about 1/4 of the milk; add to mushroom mixture. Add bouillon cube and remaining milk. Simmer, stirring constantly, until soup is hot and thickens

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Roquefort Cheese Dip

Use an electric mixer to beat the Roquefort in a medium bowl until smooth. Greadually beat in the cream cheese. Add the remaining ingredients and beat until well combined and smooth. Serve at room temperature. Posted by Joel Erlich, Kook Net Cooking conference, Cybereal

Thai Chili Fish Sauce Vmxv03a

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Will keep in refrigerator for 3 days.Recipe from Tommy Tang, New Yorker Magazine, 5/25/92. MM:MK VMXV03A.     strongServings: 8/strong  

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Blue Cornmeal Crepes

Mix dry ingredients and add to the wet ingredients. Let stand 1/2 hour. Using non stick pan with 1 ounce of liquid, roll around the pan until the edges turn brown. Flip over and cook for 5 seconds. Remove from the pan and fill with favorite stuffing salsa, crabmeat, etc. b

Good Dog Biscuits

"Why not bake a batch of cracker treats for your dog? These biscuits seem to satisfy the discriminating canine palate. If you are wise, you ll make a double recipe. 325~F. 40 to 50 minutes Preheat the oven to 325~F. In a large bowl or in the food processor, combine

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Original greek coney sauce

Original Greek Coney SauceFrom the kitchen of Kevin Taylor, the BBQ GuruI am a Coney dog aficionado. More than once I have opted for a Coney dog over a nice steak. I have tried dozens of Coney sauces and this one is by far my favorite. Our house always has a good supply of this in

Kahlua cream bread

Kahlua Cream Bread1/8 cup Kahl?a (if you use more, use    proportionately less water 1/4 cup water 1 (15 ounce) can evaporated milk 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 teaspoons vegetable oil 3 cups bread flour 2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 teaspoon yeast/

Sausage-peach bake

Sausage Peach Bake2 cups Bisquick1 (16 ounce) can sliced peaches, drained and juice reserved1 package brown and serve sausage links 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 egg 1 cup milk 1 tablespoon cornstarch 3/4 cup maple syrup 1 tablespoon butterPreheat oven

S`more cupcakes

S`More Cupcakes1 cup fine graham cracker crumbs1/2 cup sifted flour1 1/2 teaspoons baking powderPinch of salt1/4 cup butter or margarine (at room temperature)*1/4 cup shortening (at room temperature)1 cup granulated sugar2 eggs plus 1 egg white**1/2 teaspo


Schokolandenpretzel (Chocolate Pretzels)1/2 cup butter or margarine1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg, beaten 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 cup milk 2 cups unbleached flour, unsifted 1/4 cup cocoauCocoa Frosting/u2 teaspoons cocoa powder1 1/4

Chicken-chile casserole

Chicken Chile CasseroleCheddar cheese1 chicken1 can cream of chicken soup1 can mushroom soup1 medium onion, chopped1 dozen corn tortillas1 can diced green chiles1/2 cup chicken brothBoil chicken, saving broth. Pick meat off bones. Brown onion in skillet

Dave and buster`s cajun shrimp alfredo

Dave and Buster`s Cajun Shrimp AlfredoSource: Executive Chef Oona SettembreServes 2 generously.10 ounces large shrimp, peeled and de veined 2 to 3 tablespoons plus Paul Prudhommes Blackened Poultry Magic 3 tablespoons olive oil or clarified butt

Quivey`s grove holiday turkey with apple-black walnut stuffing

Quivey`s Grove Holiday Turkey with Apple Black Walnut StuffingSource: Quivey`s Grove, Madison, Wisconsin1/2 pound rye bread, cut into 1/2 inch cubes (about 6 cups)1 large onion, chopped 2 celery stalks, chopped 1/2 cup butter or margarine 5 medium apples, peeled an

Mango Shortbread

Mango ShortbreaduCrust/u1 1/4 cups butter4 cups flour1 cup granulated sugaruFilling/u2 cups mangoes, sliced thinly1/4 cup all purpose flour2/3 cup granulated sugar1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamonCream crust ingredients. Pat 1/2 of mixture into a

Lemonade Chicken

Lemonade Chicken1 chicken, cut up1 1/4 teaspoons salt1/2 cup flour2 tablespoons vegetable oil1 (6 ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed3 tablespoons brown sugar1 tablespoon vinegar3 tablespoons catsup2 tablespoons cold water2 tablespoons corns

Rainbow of sorbets

Rainbow of SorbetsFreeze unopened can of fruit until frozen solid, at least 18 hours.Submerge unopened can in hot water 1 to 2 minutes. Open can and pour syrup into food processor bowl. Remove other end of can and turn fruit out onto cutting surface. Cut into 1 inch slices, then c

Mango-orange glazed ham

Mango Orange Glazed Ham18 servings1 (7 to 8 pound) fully cooked spiral cut ham 4 garlic cloves 1 (9 ounce) jar mango chutney 1/3 cup Dijon mustard 1/2 cup brown sugar Zest of 1 orange 1 tablespoon freshly grated gingerPreheat oven to 350 degrees F./

Cinnamon sugar

Cinnamon SugarStir 2 cups sugar and 5 tablespoons cinnamon together until completely mixed. Store in a tightly capped jar with a shaker top for up to 6 months.This is good sprinkled on Indian fry bread, bu?uelos or buttered French toast.



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