Deviled Tofu Spread
Applesauce Wheat Germ Muffins
Peach Crisp Deluxe
Strawberry Sundae
Dessert Tropicale
Instant Asparagus and Coconut Soup
Rosemary Lyonnaise Potatoes
Curried Egg & Artichoke Dip
Creamy Baked Potato Soup
Halwau-E Aurd-E Sujee (Semolina Sweetmeat)
Tea Cookies
Quick Salsa
Vlf Italian Potato Salad
Fricassee De Poulet a La Poitevine (Chicken In Onion Sauce)
Stir Fry Pork with Peapods
Falafel Recipe
Sep-Dinner: Oxtail Consomm
Greek Isle Bread
Pineapple Delights
Coconut Creams
Elegant Southern Seafood Cake
Scallops with Vermicelli
Chinese Pasta Salad with Creamy Ginger Dressin
Brunch Eggs
Almond & Rice Flour Bread with Poppy Seeds
Low-Calorie Eggnog
Joe Cooper`s Chili
Down South Barbecue
Chicken Liver and Spaghetti Bake
Baked Red Snapper with Sour Cream Stuffing
Pastitso 2
Cheeseburger Pizza
Sweet and Sour Vegetable Salad
Leeky Crockpot
Buffet Bean Bake
Black Pepper and Herb-Crusted Rack Of Lamb
Basic Honey Jelly
Sour Cream Pie
Perach Kisan
Mocha Cheesecake
Indiana Persimmon Almond Pudding Cake
Festive Cocoa Cards
Cinnamon Cookies/No Sugar
Butterscotch Brownies#2
Apple Fritters
Waikiki Appetizers
Kalamarakia (Greek Squid)
Crostini with Chicken Livers
Cinnamon squash rings
Green chile soup
Cinnamon candy popcorn
Hawaiian banana cream pie
Mccormick montreal steak seasoning
Finger-Lickin` Fricassee
Lime yogurt pie
BBQ Sauce
Firecracker salad
Three bean salad
Pineapple kugel
Freeze `n` bake biscuits
Cowboy stew
Coffee liqueur brownies
Puppy`s breath chili
Starbuck`s mocha slush
Hotel santa fe guanajuato flan
Swiss parmesan potato casserole
Peanut butter fudge
Wooden spoon apple cake
Strawberry shortcakes
Sauteed apples and bacon
Lemon Muffins
Shrimp cocktail
New York Florida Rye
Cheese Bread Libum
Holiday Pumpkin Pie
Barbecued Ribs Oriental
Tofu Cream Cheese
Karen s Layered Chicken Casserole