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Hot Dog Stew


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1 lb hot dogs (not cheese
: filled)
6 TB flour
3/4 stick corn oil margarine or
6 T oil
2 cloves garlic -- minced or
: smashed
1 lg onion -- chopped
1 sm green pepper -- chopped
: Parsley -- minced
: (optional)
6 md white potatoes -- peeled
1 chicken bouillon cube
: salt and pepper to taste

In a very large skillet, or a medium dutch oven, make a light roux
with margarine and flour. Add onion, garlic, and pepper and sautex
until limp. Add potatoes, cut in chunks, stirring around a little.
Add water to cover; bring to boil, reduce to si mmer. Add hot dogs,
cut in chunks, stir, cover. Watch carefully until done to suit, (the
potatoes should be falling apart), adding water if necessary. Salt
and pepper to taste. A dab of yellow mustard on the side of the plate
is good. This strange recipe is real comfort food for my family. I
invented it when I was a young mother, desperate for something warm
for lunch, when the ingredients were about all there was in the house
and a trip to the store with three hungry kids was out of the
question. It s based on my grandmother s IRISH POTATO STEW. Posted in
KitMail by [email protected]

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Servings: 6



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