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Boston Chicken Stuffing


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1 can sliced carrots -- (10
1 ounces) undrain
1 can slices mushrooms -- (4
1 ounces) undrain
1 can chicken broth -- (14
1 ounces)
2 ribs celery -- cut 4-5
1 pieces
1 tbsp rubbed sage
12 tsp poultry seasoning
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
3 tbsp bottled liquid margarine or
1 melted butter or mar
3 english muffins -- cut into
1 cubes with crumbs
1 bag unseasoned croutons --
1 (8 ounces)
1 tbsp dry parsley -- minced
2 tbsp dry minced onion

When you open the can of carrots, run the blade of a paring knife
through them right in the can so that you ve reduced them to tiny
bits without mashing them. Empty it then intoa Dutch oven. Add the
mushrooms; set aside. Empty the cam of broth into the blender and
add the celery along with the sage, poultry seasoning, bouillon
powder and margarine. Blend a few seconds on high speed, only until
celery is finely minced. Meanwhile, add the English muffin cubes,
(crumbs too), croutons, parsley and onion to the Dutch oven. Pour
blender mixture over and stir to combine with rubber bowl scraper
until completely moist. Cover with a lid and bake at 350~ about 45
minutes to an hour or until piping hot. Refrigerate leftovers to use
within a week. Freeze to use within 4 months. Source: Ask Your

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Servings: 8



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