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1 chicken, cut in parts
4 cup of water
1 jar of mole
1/4 cup of tomato sauce
1/2 tbsp of mexican chocolate
1 cube of chicken bouillon
1 salt to taste

In a Dutch oven put chicken and water, add extra water if 4 cups of
water don t cover chicken. Boil in medium-high heat for 20 minutes,
or until chicken is tender.

In a small bowl put mole, tomato sauce, Mexican chocolate and chicken
bouillon cube. Remove one cup of broth from the Dutch oven, and add
it to the mole mixture. Mash the ingredients together with a potato
masher, until it is creamy and has no lumps. Add salt to taste. Then
pour mole sauce into the Dutch oven, and mix with boiled chicken.
Cook another 20 minutes, then turn off heat and cover. Makes 4 to 5

I hope you can get mole, but if you can t let me know. Cause my
brother got address to companies that sell Mexican spices, sauces,
and products. I ll get back to you with the empanadas recipe, when I
corner my mom. Later. Susy


Servings: 4



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