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Bloomin Onion


1 each sweet onion
1 each eggs
1 tbsp milk
2 tbsp flour
1 cup cracker crumbs, crushed

Select a well-rounded onion. Peel outer skin but leave root intact,
cutting off any hanging roots. With ordinary paring knife, core out
top third of center. Angle knife for best results. Divide onion into
four sections, by making 2 cuts crosswise, beginning at the top and
cutting toward the root, stopping about 1/2-inch away. Cut each
section twice again. Place onion in bowl of enough boiling water to
cover it and leave for 5 minutes. The sections, or "petals," will
begin to open. Remove onion from hot water and immerse in ice water,
which will further the opening. Drain well by turning upside down on
a paper towel. Put flour into paper bag (season with any seasonings
you d like--Cajun, cayenne, plain ol s&p, etc), add onion and shake
gently to coat with flour. Beat egg and milk; roll floured onion in
egg. Put cracker crumbs in paper bag, add onion, and shake gently to
coat. Refrigerate 1 hour before deep frying to set the coating. Heat
oil to 375-380 degrees. If oil isn t hot enough, it will be greasy
and the batter may not stick. If oil is too hot, outside will burn
before inside is cooked. Place onion petal-side DOWN in HOT oil or
use a wire basket. Cook until golden brown, 3-5 minutes. Cooked onion
can be kept for a time in a warm oven. Serve with sauce made of
Russian dressing and horseradish.


Servings: 1



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