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Bigos Hunter s Stew


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3 lb sauerkraut
2 lb ham -- with bone,ribs or
: ri
2 bay leaves
1 oz dried mushrooms -- chopped
20 black peppercorns
10 allspice berries
1/2 ts salt
11 c beef broth -- bouillon or
: water
2 lb cabbage -- chopped like
: sauerkr
2 TB butter or margarine
1 lb Polish sausage links -- cut
: into 1/2-inch cu
1 lb Polish white sausage with
: garlic -- cut into 1/2-inch
: cu
1 lb bacon -- cut into 1/2-inch
: cu

Translation by Micaela "Stayka" Pantke - any mistakes are therefore
mine. This recipe was taken from POLISH COOKING - Marianna Olszewska
Heberle A harmonious blend of flavors known as the Polish national
dish. Rinse sauerkraut with cold water; drain well. In a large
stockpot, combine sauerkraut, ham or pork, bay leaves, mushrooms,
peppercorns, allspice and salt. Add 6 cups broth, bouillon or water.
Cook, uncovered, 15 minutes over medium heat. Cover and simmer over
low heat 45 minutes. Remove meat. Let meat cool. Place cabbage in a
large saucepan. Add remaining 5 cups broth, bouillon or water. Bring
to boil. Cook, uncovered, over medium heat, 1 hour or until cabbage
is tender. Add to sauerkraut mixture. Bone cooked meat. Cut cooked
meat into 1/2-inch cubes. Melt butter or margarine in a large
skillet. Add cooked meat, smoked sausage and white sausage. Saute
over medium heat 10 minutes or until browned. Add to sauerkraut
mixture. In same skillet, saute bacon over medium heat until crisp.
Drain bacon on paper towels. Add to sauerkraut mixture. Cover; cook
over low heat 1 hour or longer. Remove and discard bay leaves. Serve
hot. Makes 12 to 14 servings. Use only meat with large bones, so
bones can be removed easily. The secret of old-time Bigos is that it
gets better as it s reheated on successive days, peaking at the 6th
or 7th day. In between, store covered in the refrigerator.

Recipe By : POLISH COOKING - Marianna Olszewska Heberle


Servings: 1



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