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Halloween Scary Goulade


1 package blue jelly powder [170g]
8 cup lemonaide

Lemonaide or "Goulade" really packs a punch when you float a
frightening , ghostly blue hand in your serving bowl. For an even
scarier effect, use red jelly powder to make a blood-red hand and
tint the lemonade green. If you want, just let the gelatin set in a
flat container, then cube it and serve with lemonade in dishes.

Dissolve powder in 1-1/2 cups boiling water; let cool slightly.

Meanwhile, thoroughly wash and dry inside and outside of new,
medium-size stretch latex (medical) glove. Spray outside with baking
spray; turn inside out. With 6-inch or longer skewer, puncture glove
just below 1 side of opening; push skewer through to pierce opposite
side, leaving wide opening. Suspend in tall pitcher.

Carefully pour gelatin mixture into hanging glove. Close top with
twist tie between gelatin mixture and skewer. Refrigerate for at
least 2 hours or until firmly set. [Glove can be refrigerated for up
to 48 hours.]

Place glove flat in 12-cup punch bowl. Using scissors and bring
careful not to puncture gelatin, cut glove open along palm and each
finger; gently turn over and remove glove. Pour lemonade over gelatin

Makes 8 cups or 12 servings.

Source: Canadian Living magazine, Nov 95 Presented in article "Kids &
Fun: Happy Halloween" Recipe by Canadian Living Test Kitchen

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Servings: 12



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