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  MINIATURE POTATO PANCAKES Rather at the opposite end of the spectrum
from crisp raw vegetables lies another kind of dipper. One that at
least began life in the vegetable kingdom ~-miniature potato
pancakes. They re delicious and practical since they can be made
weeks in advance and reheated. 2 Cups Diced Raw Potato
2 Large Eggs, Beaten
1 1/2 Tsp Salt
1 ea Black Pepper To Taste
1 Tbls Grated Yellow Onion
1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil Place the potato in a strainer and run
under cold water to remove the starch. Shake well. Place in a food
processor or blender and chop fine. Add the eggs salt, pepper, and
onion, blending well. In a 10-inch skillet, heat vegetable oil until
it crackles. Drop the batter by Tablespoonful into the hot oil and
fry until golden brown (about 5 minutes per side). Drain on paper
towels. Once cooled, the pancakes may be frozen. Place in a
freezer-safe container making sure that they don t overlap and put a
double thickness of wax paper between each layer. Reheat on a cookie
sheet at 350 degrees F. until hot and crisp. Makes about 50 pancakes
or enough for about 2 cups of dip. ********* * FRUIT * *********
Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a small dip table, as they
day, and man does not live by chips alone. To experience the full
spectrum of dipping, one must savor the particular pleasure of
cooping a mouthful of cheesecake dip on a slice of melon or plunging
a strawberry into chocolate dipping sauce. As with veggies, you can
let your imagination run amok, using the following suggestions merely
as points of departure. Here too, always wash fruit carefully, dry,
and chill. Use firm fruit. Some, as indicated below, should be dunked
in an acid bat, which will keep the fruit from turning brown. To
make the acid bath, just add 2 tsps of lemon juice to 2 cups of
water. After dunking fruit in the bath, drain on paper towels.
APPLES: Peel, if desired, core and cut into wedges. Requires the
acid bath treatment. APRICOTS: Remove the pits and quarter. Requires
the acid bath treatment. BANANAS: Use firm bananas, free of bruises.
Just peel and cut on the diagonal into wedges. Requires the acid
bath treatment. COCONUTS: Remove the outer shell and reserve the milk
for other uses, if desired, and cut the coconut meat into dipping
strip sizes or chunks. Rinse with cold water. FIGS: Remove the stem
end and quarter. GRAPEFRUIT: Remove the peel, then break into
segments. Carefully remove the seeds and white pith. GUAVA: Remove
the skin. Cut into wedges and carefully remove the seeds. KIWIS:
Remove the skin from firm kiwis and quarter or cut into circles.
MANGOES: Remove the skin. Cut top half of the fruit away from the
large oval pit. Turn over and cut away the balance of the fruit, and
discard the pit. Cut the fruit into wedges across the grain. MELONS:
Cantaloupe, crenshaw and casaba melons, like most fruit, complement
sweeter dips, while honeydews are a good accompaniment to salter or
spicier dips. In any case, cut off the outer skin, cut in half, scoop
out the seeds, and cut the pulp into dipping size slices, chunks, or
wedges. NECTARINES: Pit and quarter. Requires the acid bath
treatment. ORANGES: Peel and separate into individual segments.
Carefully remove the seeds. PAPAYAS: Use ripe papayas. Remove the
rind, cut in half and scoop out the seeds. Cut into thin strips.
PEACHES: Remove the pit and cut into wedges. Requires the acid bath
treatment. PEARAPPLES: Remove the core and cut into slices or wedges.
Requires the acid bath treatment. PEARS: Peel, if desired, core and
cut into dipping size chunks. Requires the acid bath treatment.
PINEAPPLES: Remove the outer skin, cut out the eyes and remove the
center core, if desired. Cut into chunks or spears. PLUMS: Cut in
half, pit, and quarter firm plums. PRICKLY PEARS OR CACTUS PEARS:
Using a fork to hold the fruit in place, remove the rind and cut into
slices or wedges. STAR FRUIT OR CARAMBOLA: White or sweet yellow
varieties. Cut the fruit horizontally into stars. STRAWBERRIES:
Serve whole. TANGERINES: Peel and separate into individual segments.
Carefully remove the seeds. Dried fruits not to be overlooked include
apples, apricots, banana chips, pitted dates, figs, pears, and
  Servings: 1


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Dips Info 9 Of 9
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