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Experimental Love Beans and Stuffasis

Experimental Love Beans and Stuffasis

  • 1 can Black beans (rinsed)
  • 1 can of Hominy (juice reserved)
  • 1 can of corn (juice reserved)
  • Hot Love Spice Mix (recipe below, can used in all kinds of stuff)
    • *ground cumin
    • *dried oregano leaves
    • *garlic powder
    • *cayenne pepper
    • *freshly ground black pepper
    • *kosher salt

I put these all together in a bowl or container to have around. I usually just eyeball around with it!

Take the beans and corn and hominy and mix them together in a microwaveable container. Make sure the beans are rinsed good or the stuff will turn out sort of sloppy and purple tinted. Next put in the spices and some olive oil and veggie broth. In a pinch you can also use the reserve juices from the canned corn and hominy and a little oil. Stir well and put a lid on the dish and microwave just long enough to get everything cooked and flavorful! My microwave is weird and has setting for specific things so not sure on time, but I think 6-7 minutes on high?

I took some of the mixture out before I cooked it and ate it for lunch the next day! Yummy....great with some spanish rice and salsa!

You could also add some tomatoes if you would like...just wait till towards the end of the cooking!


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