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malibu icetea

malibu icetea

  1j malibu rum
3/4 j fresh calamansi juice
1j vodka
4j icetea
1j dark rum
1/2 of egg white
2j pineapple juice
3/4j grenadine
2j orange juice
2j mango juice
  ke all ingredients except the grenadine over ice. pour in a hurricane glass and add the grenadine in a circular motion to make a good look. garnish it with a slice of orange and cherry.


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mix with cracked ice strain into a chilled cocktail glass (Upload by user)

Nightboat to Brasil
Shake with ice. Strain. (Upload by user)

Papa Smurf
Mix and chill vodka and kool-aid. Crush blue popsicle and add to mixture. The crushed popsicle should settle at the bottom of drink, making it appear as a blue layer at the bottom and a red layer on top. (Upload by user)

Preakness Cocktail
Stir all ingredients (except lemon peel) with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add the twist of lemon peel and serve. (Upload by user)

pearl of the orient
shake gin, blue curacao, and pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker with ice, pour the mix Drinks in a cocktail glass with cherry on it, garnish it with a cut of pineapple. (Upload by user)

Mix Vodka and orange juice to suit your tastes. Heavy on the screw means more vodka ;). (Upload by user)

Shake ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel. (Upload by user)

sex on the beach
Mix all ingredients in order. Pour orange juice 1/4" from the rim and shake to mix (Upload by user)

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, then strain into chilled glass. (Upload by user)

Stinger bee
shake whiskey and orange juice with ice. strain in to a martini glass. drizzle with blue curacao. add marshmallows. garnish with cherry. enjoy!!! (Upload by user)

Traditional Margarita
Rub rim of margarita glass with lime rind and dip in salt. Shake ingredients with ice and strain into the salt rimmed glass. (Upload by user)
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malibu icetea
malibu icetea
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Saucy Chuck Roast
Shake all ingredients (except 151-proof rum) with ice and strain into a collins glass over ice cubes. Float the 151-proof rum on top, add a cherry (if desired), and serve. (Upload by user)


After Eight
In a sherry glass, pour 1/3 Tia-Maria, 1/3 Creme-de-menthe and 1/3 Baileys. DO NOT MIX. Serve. (Upload by user)

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Pour Hpnotiq in a glass then pour your disired amount of Bacardi 151 in the glass or until drink turns GREEN. The Darker the GREEN the Stronger the HULK. (Upload by user)


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