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Quark Pastry

Quark Pastry

  250 gm Flour, (2 cups)
2 tsp Baking powder
200 gm Cold butter, 7 oz
250 gm Quark, (1 cup)
2 tbl Cold water
2 tbl Cold water, if needed
  Cut the butter into cubes. Put all ingredients except water into food processor and whizz until fat cut into flour. Add just enough liquid to just moisten the dough. Dump into a bowl and bring together to make 2 balls. Roll out each ball to approximately 30 cm (12 inches) square. This will cut into 16 squares. Recipe makes 32 squares about 3" by 3". When rerolling scraps, place them on top of each other in layers first, rather than scrunch up into a ball. This makes the last rollings as light as the first. Use to make Cheesecakes, apple pinwheels, chocolate crescents etc.
Bake at 190 C , 375 F for about 20 minutes.
NOTES : This makes a very rich pastry like puff pastry or croissant dough.
Quark is a very low fat soft cheese that has the same texture as ricotta.


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