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savory potato salad

savory potato salad

  6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes
1 medium onion, chopped
2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs vinegar
1 tbs honey mustard
1/2 tsp dried dillweed
salt and pepper to taste
  Cook potatoes in a small amount of boiling salted water for 10 to 15 minutes or until just tender; drain well. Combine potatoes, onion and eggs; set aside. Combine mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, mustard, and dillweed; gently stir into potato mixture. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm or cover and chill.


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crunchy marinated bean salad
Combine first seven ingredients in a large bowl; set aside. Combine remaining ingredients in a jar. Cover tightly and shake vigorously. Pour over vegetable mixture; cover and chill overnight. (Upload by user)

orzo salad
In bowl, toss together shrimp, tomato, green onion, dill, parsley, olives and orzo. Toss well to combine. Sprinkle with cheese. To prepare dressing, stir together lemon juice and salt in cup. Stir in pepper, mustard and oil. Gently stir into salad. Serve at room temperature. (Upload by user)

yolkless egg salad
Remove yolks from eggs; discard or reserve for another use. Chop egg whites. Combine egg white, pickle relish, green onions, and pimiento; set aside. Combine mashed potatoes and next 4 ingredients; stir in curry powder, if desired. Fold into egg mixture. Serve as a salad over lettuce, a sandwich (Upload by user)

zesty squash salad
Bring chicken broth to boil in medium saucepan. Add sun-dried tomatoes. Remove from heat; cover and let stand 10 minutes. Remove tomatoes from broth with slotted spoon, reserving broth. Cut tomatoes into strips and set aside. Add mushrooms, onion, and garlic to broth, and bring to a boil. Reduce (Upload by user)

creamy waldorf salad
Combine cream cheese, sugar, and juice in a small bowl; stir well and set aside. Combine remaining ingredients except lettuce in a medium bowl. Add cream cheese mixture to apple mixture; toss gently. Cover and chill. Toss again before serving in lettuce-lined bowls. (Upload by user)

apple and kidney bean salad
Combine all ingredients and serve on bed of lettuce. (Upload by user)

tuna macaroni salad
Cook macaroni according to package directions, drain; rinse under cold water and drain. Combine macaroni with next five ingredients. Combine mayonnaise, mustard and pickle juice; mix well. Pour over macaroni mixture and toss gently. Cover; chill at least one hour. Serve salad on lettuce and garn (Upload by user)

lobster and orange salad
Sprinkle salt over lobster; add orange sections and toss gently. Chill one hour. Combine next 5 ingredients; mix well. Chill one hour. Spoon lobster mixture on lettuce leaves. Top with whipped cream dressing; sprinkle with nutmeg. (Upload by user)

hot scallop salad
Rinse scallops well, pat dry, and cut crosswise about 1/4 inch thick. To a 10-inch frying pan over medium-high heat, add oil and ginger. When hot add half the scallops; turn often with a wide spatula until scallops are tinged with gold and no longer translucent in center (cut to test), about 4 m (Upload by user)

pea and peanut salad
In medium bowl combine peas and peanuts. In small bowl, stir together sour cream, mayonnaise, and sugar until well combined. Spoon over pea mixture; stir until coated. (Upload by user)

pepperoni and broccoli salad
Prepare dressing mix according to package directions; set aside. Trim off large leaves of broccoli. Wash broccoli and break off florets; reserve stalks for use in other recipes. Combine florets, mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni, and green pepper in a large bowl. Pour dressing over salad; toss gently (Upload by user)
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Chestnut Loaf
Chestnut Loaf
savory potato salad
savory potato salad
Clam Linguine
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corned beef potato salad
Cook potatoes in boiling water 20 to 25 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool slightly. Peel potatoes and cut into 1/2 cubes while warm. Combine vinegar, sugar, celery seeds, mustard, and salt; add to potatoes; toss gently. Add corned beef, cabbage, pickle, and onion to potato mixture; toss ge (Upload by user)
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oven chicken salad
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients and top with buttered bread crumbs or crunchy chow mien noodles. Bake 1 hour. (Upload by user)

Crispy Salad ni Veronica
1. Boil chicken breast and flake. Set aside chicken breast. 2. Wash lettuce baguio and refrigerate to make it more crispy 3. Mix together carrots, red & green bell pepper, tomatoes and onions. 4. Cut molo wrapper into strips and deep fry. Drain in paper napkin. 5. Mix al (Upload by user)
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Petchay Salad
In a wooden or crystal bowl, mix all the ingredients together. Serve freshly made or chilled. (Upload by user)

Bean and Bacon Salad
1. In a skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until crisp. Drain, cool, and crumble. 2. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, mayonnaise, and sugar. 3. In a large bowl, mix the bacon, kidney beans, cabbage, celery, parsley, and onion. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the (Upload by user)
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