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Ginger Sweet Potatoes

Ginger Sweet Potatoes


  • 3 - 5 Sweet potatoes - Best with several potato colors.
  • (yams, sweet potatoes, satsuma imo from an asian grocery?)
  • a hunk of ginger - 2 or more cubic inches.

Bake the sweet potatoes at 325 or more or less until soft enough to dent with a finger but
not mushy. While they bake, grate the ginger to get a tablespoon or two of juice. A
ginger "grater" is a little porcelain dealie with nasty teeth to bloody your knuckles on.
It shreds the ginger, allowing you to catch the juice and pulp. Then you squeeze the
grated mass to get the juice and throw away the stringy pulp.

Remove and discard the potato skins. Put the potatoes in a big bowl, add the ginger
juice, and mash coarsly with a potato masher. The point of mashing coarsly is to acheive
a mixture with a texture and color you like. I like it sort of lumpy, with several potato
colors strikingly discernable in the lumps. This way, the flavors of each kind of potato
can stand out.


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