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Beets And Peas In Aspic

Beets And Peas In Aspic

  3 red beets
1 can French peas
1 dozen ripe olives
1/3 package vegetable gelatine
1 cup boiling water
Juice 2 lemons
  To prepare this Beets And Peas In Aspic Recipe, first wash and cook two beets in boiling water until tender. Peel and cut into cubes and marinate with the juice of one lemon. Peel one beet and cut into small cubes. Cover with 1 1/2 cups of cold water and let simmer ten or fifteen minutes until the water is a rich red color. Drain and measure. There should be one cupful. Soak the vegetable gelatine in warm water twenty minutes. Drain and cook in the boiling water eight to ten minutes. Strain and add one-half cup to the beet water. To this jelly add the beets and sliced olives.

Drain the juice from one can of French peas and marinate the peas with the juice from one lemon. To one cup of juice drained from the peas, add the remainder of the cooked vegetable gelatine. Then add the peas and fill a mold half full of this mixture. As this begins to solidify, add carefully enough of the beet mixture to fill the mold. When solidified, turn out upon a plate and garnish with slices of lemon.


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Beets And Peas In Aspic
Beets And Peas In Aspic
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