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Lean and Luscious Potato Split

1 Potato (about 10 ounces)

1/4 c Lowfat cottage cheese

2 tb -to

3 tb Lowfat milk

2 tb Toasted sunflower nuts

2 tb Chopped green bell pepper

2 tb Chopped carrot

2 tb Sliced green onions

1/4 c Shredded Cheddar cheese

1/8 ts Pepper

Salt, to taste 3 Cherry tomatoes; halved

Pierce potato with tines of fork; microwave on HIGH about 8 minutes until potato is fork-tender. Halve and scoop out potato, leaving 1/4-inch shells. In bowl mash potato pulp. Mix in cottage cheese

and enough milk for a moist but firm consistency. Mix in sunflower nuts, green pepper, carrot, onions, half the Cheddar cheese and the pepper to blend thoroughly. Season with salt. Mound into potato shells, dividing equally. Sprinkle with remaining Cheddar cheese. Microwave on HIGH about 2 minutes until cheese is melted and potatoes are heated through. Garnish with tomatoes. NOTE: Microwave cooking times are based on a 700-watt microwave. Adjust cooking times to your own oven. Menu: Red Leaf Lettuce Salad with Nonfat Dressing, Strawberries or Blueberries with Yogurt and Honey Nutritional Information Per Serving: 250 calories; 8 g fat; 10 mg cholesterol; 290 mg sodium; 32 g carbohydrate; 4 g fiber; 13 g protein. Source: The Potato Board


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