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New Year s Paella


8 cup fish or chicken stock
1 tbsp saffron threads
3 tbsp olive oil
6 garlic cloves, chopped
2 onions, medium, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
8 chicken pieces, boned
8 chorizo sausages in chunks
8 oz squid, cut into rings
4 cup rice
4 tomatoes, peeled, in chunks
1 salt
1 cup green peas, shelled
1/2 cup black olives, sliced
1 parsley, chopped
1 1/2 lb rockfish, cut into chunks
2 lb mussels, rinsed, debearded
2 lb shrimps, large, peeled

Bring the stock to a boil, add $affron, simmer 10 minutes, and set
aside. In a large paella pan or other large pan, heat the olive oil.
Add the garlic and saute just till it begins to color. Add the onions
and saute to soften. Add the peppers and cook slightly, then remove
the vegetables form the pan and set aside. Add the chicken and brown,
remove from pan. Add sausage chunks and brown, remove from pan. Add
the squid and toss briefly. Add rice, tomatoes, stock, salt, sausage,
chicken, the reserved vegetables, peas, olives, and parsley,
reserving some of the parsley for garnish. Stir, cover, and bring to
a boil. Remove cover and arrange rockfish pieces on top. Replace
cover and cook about 5 minutes more. Uncover and add mussels, cover
and cook 5 minutes. Add the peeled and deveined large shrimps, cover
and cook until mussels open, shrimp are cooked, and rice is tender.
Add more stock or water at any point if the rice appears too dry. The
rice should be moist, not soupy. Let the paella stand covered about 5
minutes before serving. Sprinkle with remaining parsley. Place pan on
a pad in center of table and remove lid with a flourish!


Servings: 8



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