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Crocodile Cafe s Chicken Tortilla Soup


2 qt chicken stock
1 red onion, large, diced
3 corn tortillas, fried/broken
3 roma tomatoes, diced
1/2 bunch of cilantro
8 oz ancho chile paste *
2 chicken breast halves **
1 salt to taste
6 oz ranchero cheese, crumbled
2 corn tortillas, fried crisp

* or 6 or 7 ancho chiles pureed ** large, cooked and shredded Bring
1 qt chicken broth to boil with onion in soup pot. Combine remaining
chicken broth with 3 fried tortillas in a blender and blend until
combined and slightly thickened. Pour into heated broth along with
tomatoes, cilantro, chile paste, and chicken. Season to taste with
salt. Bring again to boil. Serve garnished with ranchero cheese and
tortilla strips. NOTE: To puree ancho chiles, soak 6 or 7 chiles in
hot water until tender, or simmer just until tender. Remove stem and
seeds and puree in blender with small amount of water until paste in
formed. Strain through sieve to remove skin, if desired. Each
serving with cheese and chips contains about: 146 calories, 866 mg
sodium, 31 mg cholesterol, 4 g fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 17 g protien,
0.55 g fiber.
-- from the CROCODILE CAFE, Pasadena, CA.


Servings: 8



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