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Improved Yam In Gravy Vegan


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This is (roughly) a Tamil recipe from a cookbook that I bought in
Bangalore, called a Cook s Tour of South India. I doubt it s available
here. Fatfree- ized only by the deletion of 1/4 c. of oil.

Simmer 2 c. of small red lentils in about 5 c. water while you are
doing everything else.

In a separate, large pot, dry pop (like making popcorn, over med

2 T. black mustard seeds

Add to the pot:

5 medium to large yams, peeled and cut into 1" cubes enough water to
cover the yams by about 1/2" 1 T. turmeric 2 T. tamarind concentrate,
blended with water so it dissolves easily in the pot (ever bite a
lump of tamarind concentrate?) 1 t. (or more) compounded asafoetida 1
T. (optional) finely ground dried coconut, microwaved with 1/2 c.
rice milk

Simmer yams until soft but not falling apart. When lentils are soft
(takes about 1/2 hr if you got the right kind) drain off any water
you can and add lentils to the yam pot. Stir and cook, adding more
water if mixture is too thick (texture of a thick soup is good,
texture of refried beans is too thick ). Then add:

1/2 c. fresh cilantro a handful of fresh or dried curry leaves salt to
taste *fresh chili paste to taste *2 T.-1/4 c. chickpea (gram or
besan) flour, mixed with water and gradually thinned to avoid lumps.
Dribble into the soup while stirring.

The chickpea flour replaces hand-ground chickpeas or mung beans, which
thicken the stew, making the sauce more gravylike . Yum. Also, using
the red chili paste (a violently hot vietnamese concoction with
citric acid added to fresh ground chilies) improves the taste. Yum.

Posted by [email protected] (Cynthia J. Gibas) to Fatfree
Digest [Volume 13 Issue 16] Dec. 16, 1994.

FATFREE Recipe collections copyrighted by Michelle Dick 1994. Used
with permission. Formatted by Sue Smith, S.Smith34,
[email protected] using MMCONV.






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