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Huevos Revueltos A La Mexicana Mexican Scram


6 extra-large eggs
1 sea salt to taste
4 tbsp melted lard or safflower oil
1 cup finely chopped, unpeeled tomatoes
3 tbsp finely chopped white onion
4 chiles serranos, finely chopped

Huevos Revueltos a La Mexicana (Mexican Scrambled Eggs)


This is the simplest and most popular way of cooking eggs in the
Mexican manner.

Break the eggs into a bowl and just mix (do not beat) with the salt.
Heat the lard in a large frying pan. Add the tomatoes, onions, and
fresh chiles, stir well, and fry over medium heat, stirring from time
to time, for about 3 to 4 minutes or until most of the juice has been
absorbed. Stir in the eggs and continue stirring and turning them
over until the eggs are set ~ about 4 minutes. Serve immediately with
corn tortillas.

Recipe from "The Art of Mexican Cooking" by Diana Kennedy





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