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Big Mike s Chili


9 new mexico peppers *
9 california red peppers*
1 lb bacon -- in fp fine
4 medium onions -- chopped
8 cloves garlic -- chopped
1 fine
1 louisiana hot sauce
1 salt & pepper
2 lb pork sausage
5 lb beef**
4 cup beef broth (fresh is best
8 oz tomato sauce
2 tbsp white vinegar
6 tbsp ground cumin
2 tbsp new mexico chili powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp regular chili powder
1 tbsp msg
1 beer

*Dried **(use a real good cut like a cross rib roast and have your
butcher grind it in "chili grind" dried Rule #1 in Chili Cookoffs: If
you know beans about chili, you know chili ain t got no beans! This
recipe is a lot of work, but well worth it! Oregano Tea (bring 2 c
water to boil; add 2 T dried oregano leaves. Brew like tea; stain,
reserving liquid) Remove the stems, seeds, and veins from peppers;
add to boiling water 30 minutes. Use a knife and strip meat off
peppers, discard skins; put into food processor with enough beer to
make the consistency of tomato sauce. Divide the bacon, garlic,
onions, sausage and beef into thirds. We are going to fry up the
mixture 1/3 a time. Fry up the bacon (mostly for grease) until just
about crisp. Add garlic, and after 30 seconds, add onions, hot sauce
to taste, salt and pepper. When the onions are translucent, add the
sausage. When about half cooked, add beef. When the mixture is about
medium, drain the grease and refry until well done (this sears the
meat and keeps the flavor in). When done, put into pot. Repeat for
next 1/3 and last 1/3. Stir in the pepper paste (from above), broth,
and tomato sauce. Take your time--over low heat. Then add the
remaining ingredients, one at a time, slowly. Add enough beer to keep
the consistency to your liking. Now adjust the spices like a real
expert! Cook over low heat 2+ hours, and you ll have one fine bowl of
red! Enjoy! Mike FROM: MIKE CROUCH (NNBB09A)

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