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Stir-Fried Pork in Garlic Sauce

2 tablespoons peanut or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons garlic, peeled and chopped
2 dried chiles
1 1/2 pounds boneless pork, preferably from the shoulder
    (Boston butt or picnic), sliced thinly and dried
1 bunch scallions, cut into 2-inch lengths, white and green parts separated
3 tablespoons soy sauce
Cooked white ricePut oil in a large nonstick skillet or wok, and turn heat to high; a minute later add garlic and chiles; cook, stirring occasionally, until garlic begins to color.Add pork and cook, stirring once or twice, until it begins to brown, about 2 minutes. Add white parts of scallions, and stir; cook another minute, stirring occasionally.Stir in green parts of scallions; cook for 30 seconds, then turn off heat and add soy sauce. Serve immediately with rice.


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City Chicken ( Mock Chicken)2 pounds boneless pork, cut into cubes (I use pork tenderloin) 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/4 cup butter 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 envelope dry onion soup mix 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can chicken bro (Upload by user)

Cabbage and garlic sausage
Cabbage and Garlic Sausage1 pound garlic sausage, cut into coins1 small cabbage, quartered and cut into slices (finger thickness) 2 tablespoons oilPepper 1/4 cup waterHeat the oil in a fry pan on medium heat and add the garlic sausage, fry for two minutes or until uniformly (Upload by user)

Sausages and peppers
Sausages and Peppers1 pound sweet or hot Italian sausages1/2 cup water2 green bell peppers, cut into bite size pieces1 onion, cut into bite size pieces1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce1 teaspoon Italian seasoning (Upload by user)

Dilled pork roast
Dilled Pork Roast1 (3 to 4 pound) boneless pork shoulder roast, trimmed1 tablespoon salt1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder6 tablespoons minced fresh dill or 2 tablespoons dill weedCut about five deep slits across top of roast. Combine seasonings; stuff some into the slits. (Upload by user)

German pork dinner
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Granny smith`s pork
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Hawaiian pork
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Holiday rack of pork
Holiday Rack of Pork1 (4 to 5 pound) center loin pork    roast, chine bone removed2 cloves garlic, peeledCoarsely ground black pepperTrim excess fat from loin and all extra meat from rib bones (or ask the butcher to "French" the bones for you). (Upload by user)

Honey sesame tenderloin
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Honey-mustard tenderloin
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Apricot-Cherry Cordial
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Mexican pork roast
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