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Vinny Testa`s Restaurant Zuppe pe di PesceSource: Executive chef Peter Godsell, Vinny Testa`s Restaurant Wynnewood, PA - Fox Is Cooking Philadelphia2 ounces saffron oil
5 lobsters
9 clams
2 teaspoons garlic
Pinch crushed red pepper
15 mussels
4 shrimp
12 ounces plum tomatoes
6 ounces Italian parsley
1 pinch salt
LinguineHeat oil in saut? pan. Add lobster (shell side down,) and clams. Cook until lobster shell begins to turn red and meat in tail section begins to firm up. Turn lobster over and add garlic. When garlic becomes translucent, add muscles, shrimp and tomatoes. Toss gently together with salt and cover.Heat linguine in boiling water and drain well. Place in the center of a 15-inch platter. When clams and mussels open, sprinkle Italian parsley and toss gently. Place seafood attractively over pasta, making sure the shrimp are visible, and the lobster claw is cooked thoroughly and cracked open.


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Valle Luna Chile RellenosSource: Chef Pepe, Valle Luna Restaurant, Phoenix, Arizona azfamily.com12 Anaheim chiles, roasted 1 pound Monterey jack cheeseGrated egg whites, as neededEgg yolks, 1 for every 8 egg whites, as needed 1 tablespoon salt, plus more as neede (Upload by user)

Village cafe village spicy shrimp
Village Cafe Village Spicy ShrimpSource: Village Cafe, Barstow, California (along historic Route 66)12 fresh jumbo shrimp, shells on, cleaned    and deveinedSeasoned salt to tasteGarlic powderRed pepper flakes, as desiredGreen onion to taste, cut (Upload by user)

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Village cafe spicy shrimp
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Pineapple Flounder
Pineapple Flounder
Word of mouth fried tomato, mozzarella and bacon sandwich
Word of Mouth Fried Tomato, Mozzarella and Bacon SandwichSource: Word of Mouth, New YorkYield: 6 sandwiches1 1/2 pounds firm, fresh tomatoes, cored12 inch loaf semolina bread1 pound mozzarella cheese1/2 cup fine cornmeal1 teaspoon garlic salt1/2 teaspoon (Upload by user)
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Woodlands resort & inn golden tomato gazpacho
Woodlands Resort & Inn Golden Tomato GazpachoSource: Executive Chef Ken Vedrinski, Woodlands Resort & Inn, Summerville, South CarolinaYield: 4 servings4 ripe yellow tomatoes4 yellow peppers, roasted, peeled4 banana peppers, roasted3 celery stalks, peeled (Upload by user)
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Waffle House Hash BrownsSource: newsradio710.com4 cups peeled and shredded potatoes1 teaspoon saltWater 1 cup ice Vegetable oil for fryingPlace prepared potatoes in a 2 quart bowl, and add salt. Add ice and pour enough water to cover potatoes. Stir to mix sa (Upload by user)
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